Cher Coulter

About Me

Since moving to LA from London in 2001 I put my design roots on the backburner and spent my time establishing myself as a celebrity/fashion stylist. Being surrounded by some of the most inspiring garments and looks in the world constantly takes me back to the days when I had just left Central St. Martins and started my own label. I’ve also been lucky enough to work on collaborative design projects with Kate Bosworth/Jewelmint and AG Jeans so I guess it was inevitable that at some point I would take the plunge and launch my own label so here it is!

‘Cher Coulter’ is not so much a collection in the conventional sense but is more a variety of constantly evolving, passion-led products that I’m creating to fill gaps in the market. These are pieces that at some point I have searched for - whether it’s a cool eighties inspired graphic sweat or the perfect pinkie signet ring – and been unable to find. My online store now allows me the luxury of acting on impulse so when there’s something I can’t find I just create it myself! When I designed my website it was always a forethought that it would become a retail portal. I love print and color – it’s the fun side of fashion – so I boiled all my ideas down to five key prints and five key colors which form the core design elements of the site. These signatures will permeate all aspects of my store and will be applied to anything and everything from packaging through to the product contained inside.

The first products I’m introducing are a series of back-printed geometric tees and sweats. Over the last few years, the sweat has become a staple garment regardless of geography or purpose. California girls will throw one over a bikini or shorts, London girls will team with a lame skirt, head out into town for the night and not get back until the next day. I love surf culture – it was one of the key reasons I moved to LA – so my starting points were the classic shapes which I’ve tweaked and nipped so they look ‘shrunken’ rather than tailored, contemporary rather than vintage. I’m continuously inspired by the nostalgia of the nineties and the supercool surf and skate brands that dominated street fashion at that time. With these pieces, girls of my generation will instantly get the references but they’ll also appeal to a new generation too. Retail culture has changed so dramatically since the last time I had my own label so I’m really excited about all the new products I’m going to introduce to the site as it evolves – the options are endless! Keep your eyes peeled for my newsletter that’ll tell you when my new products drop and enjoy the site!